Ongoing Foundation Projects

(1) Farm Worker Volunteers Needed – Besides raising funds for materials and contractors to repair the buildings on the Pipe Creek Farm, the Foundation is seeking volunteers of many different skills. Foundation volunteers primarily work on three kinds of work details: (1) clearing brush, (2) minor repairs and painting, and (3) sheep sheering. Pictures of volunteers performing some of these duties can be found in our photo gallery. If you are interested in helping us save this important National Landmark by becoming a Farm Worker Volunteer please contact the Foundation by emailing "".

(2) Pipe Creek Farms Tours – To promote public awareness of the life of Whittaker Chambers, the Foundation organizes tours of Whittaker Chambers' beloved Pipe Creek Farm. These tours are usually personally conducted by John Chambers. If you are interested in participating in one of these tours please contact the Foundation at

(3) “Stop The Reservoir From Flooding the Farm” – Pipe Creek Farm is located in Carroll County, MD, and the Carroll County Commission plans on building a water reservoir called Union Mills Reservoir very close to the farm. This reservoir as currently planned, if built, will flood a portion of the rear of the farm and, during a heavy rain or flooding, will likely destroy Whittaker Chambers' home where he and later his wife died. In November of 2006 the staff of Carroll County Commission released a map to supporters of the farm showing the Counties plan to acquire one third of the farm (Available from the Foundation upon request). In December of that year John Chambers appeared at a Commission hearing repeating to them that he would oppose any harm to, or loss of, any part of his fathers beloved Pipe Creek Farms.

Many supporters of the farm wrote letters to the Carroll County Commission, including a Congressional Co-Signed letter – (Copies of the Congressional letter are available from the Foundation upon request) - urging the County Commission to modify their planned reservoir plans so as to not harm the Landmark farm. The Carroll County Commission did modify their planned reservoir by only intending to flood 15 acres towards the rear of the farm but still doing the same damage to the farm and to Whittaker Chambers former home (Revised map available from the Foundation upon request). In March 2007 the County included the planned reservoir in its Water and Sewer Master Plan proposal to the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE). In October of 2007, despite many letters informing the State of several serious problems with the planned reservoir, MDE approved the Carroll County proposal.

The Foundation considers this planned reservoir, as currently designed, as a serious threat to Pipe Creek Farms as a National Historic Landmark and seeks like minded supporters who are willing to help oppose this planned reservoir. If you are interested in helping save the farm from this planned reservoir please contact the Foundation at
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